ACSG owns modern machinery and also has a modern organised production area. We keep our technical standard up to date, by permanently investing in new technology.

  • Our machinery cutting and stripping machines can be suitable processing even 120mm2 gauge coppercables.
  • We have the hundreds of original toolings from the well known brands available for keeping the right crimping process.
  • For the higher volume single wire cable processing we have an automatic cut&strip&crimp station and have several crimping units.
  • For coaxial processing we use programmable coaxial stripping machine and keep the right coaxial assembling process during the manufacturing and testing.
  • For the cable marking we can offer inkjet/thermotransfer printing, labelling or heatshrink labelling with more than 10 different labelprinters inkjet and termotransfer printers.
  • We have the technology of low pressure molding hotmelt/macromelt with in house tooling design and manufacturing by producing 2 macromelt molding machines in black and transparent colour.
  • For the high pressure molding and silicone moulding we’re cooperating with a near partnercompany in case of this request.
  • For optical cables we can offer from our authorised partners high quality and price competitive solutions.