Welcome to ACSG Stable and reliable business partner in custom solutions of wire and cable harness manufacturing.

Our new factory can be found in the heart of Győr, near the inner town, the Austrian and Slovakian border and not far from the highway which makes it easy to approach. Our company was founded in 2005. Our main profiles are cable confectioning and module assembling. We primarily produce high complexity products in small and medium scale in a precise, supervised and 100% computerized environment. Besides, we provide support to our customers in the development and optimization of their products concerning both technology and raw materials. The owners are active members of the operation of the company until today.

One of the fundamental factors of the company’s success is that we do not only deal with lease work like most of our rivals, but the development of new solutions for our customers is also included in our profile. New and innovative production technologies have been being integrated in order to increase the efficiency of our production.

Through the years, we have been able to gain wide clientele and generate higher revenue. Our development is consistent and the construction of our new and own, 4000 m2 production hall has been finished in 2018 enabling us to serve more costumers, implement new technologies and increase labour force.

More than 120 employees are presently employed by our company. Our colleagues are continuously trained, our machine stock is being improved according to the latest technology so that the mechanical and technical standards are kept at the highest level possible in order to be able to ensure the quality production at all times. In addition, a modern ERP system is available to provide support in tracking factory processes as well as documentation supervised by our technically experienced colleagues. Taking advantage of these features, ACSG is not only unrivalled but also the most efficient company on the field of cable confectioning.

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